A little about me! I’m 30ish, and after having my second baby I was left overwhelmed, exhausted, tense, and really feeling down. Plus, I had 80 pounds to lose!

I needed a change, and I felt like I had tried so many things that just did NOT work!

I decided to follow Clean(ish) keto, where 80% of the time I ate nutrient dense whole foods and allowed 20% of the time for those dirty keto treats and cheats that came up. With this, I started drinking a ton of water, going for walks with my kids, and drinking pure therapeutic ketones daily to help me go the distance, leave my old habits behind me, and create a long term sustainable lifestyle. Click below to see my transformation video.

My Journey to losing 80lbs with the Ketogenic Diet

The weight came of fast!! FINALLY I found a lifestyle that worked for me. I am now down 81lbs and have never gone through the dreaded “YO-YO” of gaining anything back!

I feel REAL, sustained energy, (heavy eyes mid-afternoon are a thing of the past!), and I’m not constantly thinking about food!

I help women get results with free tips and content! I love helping others get the results they crave with this lifestyle!

To grab a sample of the system I follow click the link below!

Please feel free to email me at hello@jannellegiacomo.com with any questions or to lock arms and accomplish our goals together! Let’s live our best lives, starting NOW!!



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