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Do you LOVE helping others achieve their goals, and want to inspire people to live the best version of themselves?? Becoming a Pruvit promoter allows you to represent an industry leading product, unlike any other on the market, earn commissions and bonuses for all purchases that happen under your link and it is only $37 a year to open your digital store front!

Pruvit is an innovative company that creates NEW flavors every month, we have events throughout the year and the culture is unmatched.  We pride ourselves on our community and genuine care to  help others.

In this video, my partner explains how the community and culture works along with the business as a pruvit promoter! Please feel free to email me with any questions at

I started my business with zero experience on social media. I knew I wanted to learn, inspire others, and share my journey to help other women like me achieve their goals and regain the confidence we so desire!

It is my passion and purpose to open the doors to help you succeed.  It is with this mission that I’ve been able to grow my business in under 1 year and retire from my full time job. I would love to lock arms with you and see where we can take this together!

Watch a FREE webinar to learn all about this amazing business by clicking Here.

When you join my team, you become my business partner and I am invested in helping you learn how to grow and build any level of success in your life, by providing training and tools as well as 1:1 mentorship.  This is ONLY the beginning and I can’t for you to hop on for this crazy and amazing ride!

If you are ready to jump in with  your business and get started:

  1. Enroll here: (select the gray link at the bottom to enroll without purchase, you can always grab a promoter pack in the future if you wish but you don’t need to worry about that now!) my referrer code is jannellegiacomo
  2. Email me after enrolling: to let me know you are all set! I will reply with your training information and links to join the team page etc.! and get you all set up to FLY with your new business.
  3. You will get a log in to set up your account in our training modules, this training was created for promoters on the krew and is a mentorship program to help you start up from scratch, with zero following or experience! we all started where you are!

Talk Soon!! XO! – Jannelle Giacomo

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