Keto Meal Planning – My Top Tips

Following Keto DOES NOT need to be expensive. I hear from so many that keto is expensive or that they are spending too much at the store. So I put together my Top Tips for Meal Planning so that you can see where you can “trim some fat” so to speak. lol.

I follow a Zero Waste method with my grocery shopping. I try to use everything I have and waste nothing. I do not stock pile ingredients in my home and I don’t buy things on a whim. I do go to the store with an old school paper list because that’s how i roll but you can put your list in the notes of your phone if that’s your jam.

Ok so here are my tips:

〰️Simple Meals: Protein + Fat + Veggie. Or no veggie, up to you! Keep it simple! I used to make a lot of casseroles but guess who always ate them. Me! My kids are at that toddler stage where they won’t eat things mixed together because they do not recognize it so simple is best for them and it’s a breeze for me too!

〰️Take Inventory Before Picking Recipes: Ok so can we agree that picking out the recipes, aka getting lost in Pinterest is the most fun part of meal planning?! But don’t start there. Take a FULL inventory of what you have on hand, down to the roast at the bottom of your freezer. The goal is Zero Waste. You want to utilize all of the items you have on hand & only buy only what you need. You may think you know what you have but taking inventory will surprise you.

〰️Stick to Your List: Once you’ve made your list, stick to it. Don’t be tempted by hunger, emotions, sales, etc while shopping.

〰️Display the Weekly Menu: Let everyone know in your house what to expect for dinner each day plus remind yourself!

〰️Prep Ingredients: If I’m making chili, I’ll chop up the onion, bell peppers, brown the ground beef, do all the things to prep so when Chili day rolls around I just need to throw it all together.

〰️Let the kids Help: I bought my son a set of kids knives so he can chop veggies & help! Any little task you can give them to do. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, independence, and we are definitely not hosting a dinner party so who cares if things are diced perfectly?!

〰️Modify Recipes: Use what you have on hand if a recipe calls for something that you don’t have! I’ve learned to do this over time & cooking almost daily but usually you can just google substitutes & find something! For example, I learned that in baking you can sometimes substitute an egg with baking powder and vinegar!

〰️Wash/Prep Produce: When you get home, wash, dry & cut up your veggies right away! This way it’s easy to make a meal and/or eat whenever you’re hungry. Plus they will last longer! Let’s be real – we are all MUCH more likely to grab some veggies as a snack from the fridge if they are already pre washed and cut. Am I right? This will also help to keep your fridge cleaner so it’s a win win all around!

I hope that these tips helped you to simplify your Meal Planning and if you use any of them I’d love to hear about it! DM me or tag me on Instagram so we can chat!

Hugs, Jannelle

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